Broken Garage door or opener?

Things that can go wrong with your garage door 

The pictures to the left, you can see some of the pictures I have taken over the years of some of the repairs to garage doors and openers we have have. The most common thing to go wrong with a door is a broken torsion spring. Torsion springs break from just being used, all torsion springs will break eventually. Hinges on the garage door sometimes crack, the rollers simply wear out over time.  The cables on the garage doors sometimes fray and break, or the door is weakened over time, and may need a strut or two put on.  All the parts I will professionally install for you are commercial grade, quality parts that will last you many years to come.



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Garage door REpairs

Garage doors and garage door openers break,what do you do when you have a problem?  Most of the time when you call I can walk you thru so we can determine what the problem is right over the phone, and I can usually give you a price for whatever garage door repair you need right over the phone. If not, I will come to your house and give you an exact price.

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